Category: Relationships

Couples Counseling the “Inner Peace” Way

September 30, 2022
Our approach to couples counseling Have you ever heard of Doctors John and Julie Schwartz Gottman? They are becoming more popular due to their growing recognition as the go-to people for...

Counseling for Religious, Spiritual, & Cultural Issues: The Importance of Bringing it to the Therapy Room

September 30, 2022
I value diversity at Inner Peace Counseling, PLC! I work to make this common-knowledge (You can find my Diversity & Inclusion Policy here.) However, in therapy, people often ask if...

The Secret to Happiness: Stop Trying to Change People!

August 26, 2019
As published in in The Women’s Lifestyle Magazine of Greater Kalamazoo, August 2019 Edition. What if we stopped spending time trying to change people, “rescue” them, or make them see...

When Our Support Base Is Not Supportive

July 2, 2019
[Published in Natural Awakenings Magazine, June 2019 Edition.] The reality is not everyone agrees with us or believes that what we are doing is the right thing and in light...

The Power of Mother/Daughter Relationships: Practicing Appreciation

April 30, 2019
As published in in The Women’s Lifestyle Magazine of Greater Kalamazoo, May 2019 Edition. This month we get to celebrate Mother’s Day. What a wonderful opportunity to reflect on the...

Listen to Your Heart

January 11, 2019
[As printed in The Women’s Lifestyle Magazine of Greater Kalamazoo, February 2015 Edition]; article from guest blogger Stacy McDonald. It’s Friday evening after a long week of work, housework, errands,...

How to Prepare for Marriage

February 8, 2018
[As printed in The Women’s LifeStyle Magazine of Greater Kalamazoo, February 2018 Edition] How do you know when you are ready to get married? How do you know when you...

How to Deal with Toxic People

July 13, 2017
[Published in Natural Awakening’s magazine, July 2017 edition.] We all have that (at least!) one person in our life that we just don’t know what to do with. We try...
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