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Natural Sleep Aids to Support your Sleep and Mental Health

January 17, 2024
We have already covered in my previous blog “5 Habits that are Destroying your Sleep”, that there are some things you may be doing that are contributing to your sleep...

5 Habits that are Destroying your Sleep (and Quick Tips to Help you Sleep Better)

January 17, 2024
Around 50-70 million Americans have chronic sleep disorders. Even temporarily, whether due to situational stress or as a symptom of anxiety, sleep issues are common. But, they don’t have to...

Counseling for Chronic Pain/Illness

September 30, 2022
Why Helping those with Chronic Pain/Illness is Dear to My Heart For those who deal with chronic pain or illness, a common thought is that no one really “gets” how...

Just Because We Can Doesn’t Mean We Should

March 9, 2020
Published in the March 2020 Edition of the Women’s Lifestyle Magazine. If you are going out of your way to read these words, it is likely that you care not...

How to Survive (& Thrive!) as an Empath

February 27, 2017
[Published in Natural Awakening’s magazine, March 2017 edition.] On my professional Facebook page, I recently posted a link to an article by the famous holistic practitioner, Deepak Chopra, on how...

Quick Tips for Healthy Sleep

January 5, 2017
*Update since publishing: The American College of Physicans determined that the FIRST line of defense for insomnia is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). They stated that Cognitive Behavioral Therapy should be...

6 Tips to Uplift the World, Starting with your Self

November 22, 2016
[As published in Natural Awakenings’ magazine, December 2016 edition] When was the last time you turned on the T.V., listened to the radio, or browsed social media and were overwhelmed...
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