Addiction and Substance Abuse Treatment: Key Features

September 30, 2022
What is addiction? Addiction exists on a spectrum. Occasional problem behaviors that result in negative consequences are on one end of the spectrum. On the other end of the spectrum are...

Counseling Professional Women: A Passion

September 30, 2022
The Realities of Being a Woman Let’s face it: there are some harsh realities of being a woman in the workplace. General topics like sexual harassment, discrimination, maternity leave, the...

Counseling for Chronic Pain/Illness

September 30, 2022
Why Helping those with Chronic Pain/Illness is Dear to My Heart For those who deal with chronic pain or illness, a common thought is that no one really “gets” how...

Counseling for Religious, Spiritual, & Cultural Issues: The Importance of Bringing it to the Therapy Room

September 30, 2022
I value diversity at Inner Peace Counseling, PLC! I work to make this common-knowledge (You can find my Diversity & Inclusion Policy here.) However, in therapy, people often ask if...

What You Should Know about Family Therapy

September 30, 2022
Therapists naturally see the “big picture” of systems and how they interact with one another. This approach called “Systems Theory”. As I mention on the “Home” page, we are not...

How to Re-Integrate Socially After COVID-19

May 22, 2022
Where to Start These past couple years have been beyond difficult for us all. We have laughed, cried, felt like we are living in a Hollywood movie, and worked to...

The Missing Link in Disordered Eating and Food Addiction Treatment: The Spirit – Part 3

November 17, 2021
Continued from “Part 2” and as published in Kalamazoo’s Moxie Magazine, November 2021 edition. Components of Healthy Eating No matter what food you are putting in your mouth, there are...

The Missing Link in Disordered Eating and Food Addiction Treatment: The Spirit – Part 2

November 12, 2021
Continued from “Part 1” and as published in Kalamazoo’s Moxie Magazine, October 2021 edition. Bioindividuality Let us say it again together: You are unique. There is no one like you....

The Missing Link in Disordered Eating and Food Addiction Treatment: The Spirit – Part 1

October 1, 2021
Humans are different from other animals because we do not “feed.” We eat. So, we have an inherently unique relationship with food compared to all other life forms. And, when...

Why “Intuitive Eating” Is Not Enough

July 8, 2021
Published in the June 2021 Edition of Moxie Magazine (formerly Women’s Lifestyle Magazine.) Beginning with Mindfulness The research about the impact of mindfulness on healing a variety of different kinds...
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